About Us

Dear everyone from all around the World :

TEAM WATERHOUSE Group, is a research based engineering organization devoted to exploring the immense possibilities of Ozone application technologies for industrial & domestic use.

Our incredible journey to the top started twenty five years ago, which was inspired by Canadian technology for manufacturing top class models of multi-functional Ozonizers.
With a fervent desire to “Globalize” the company, our study and research intensified, to develop a fully indigenous technology, which is even fully Tropical-Climate compatible.
Our proud research & development team of exceptionally qualified engineers earned the distinction of creating India’s first fully (& still the ONLY) import substitute Critical Medical Therapy Ozone Generators in 2001. Later christened as 0023 GW P, the product along with its other models, is now used, admired & recommended by doctors everywhere in the world. 

So steadily we have developed our technology for ozone generators involved in all types of applications possible – be it domestic, industrial or medical!
And still, we are inventing new fields, where ozone can improve your lifestyle or industrial processing.

As a Global Brand, we have exported our products & offered services to sixty nine countries (and counting) across the globe, thus effectively making ourselves a giant figure in the Ozone Industry.

Toady, we have multiple technology sharing agreements with different international organizations and our own international patent application for this innovated technology is pending with International Property Rights Authority.

TEAM WATERHOUSE is led by seasoned professionals like Engineers, Chartered Accountants and Marketing experts. We have state of the art research laboratory, manufacturing infrastructure and quality control back up at multiple cities, with Kolkata (Calcutta), India as our headquarters.

All our products are readily available globally, for aerial sterilization, deodorization, food washing, domestic applications, medical therapy and all others specified in the homepage. The customized ozonizers for large industrial applications are manufactured according to your need. We have developed and installed customized Ozone Generators from air feed to oxygen feed systems for municipal water supply, cooling towers, effluent treatment plants, heavy chemicals manufacturing, paper manufacturing, textile industries, public swimming pools etc. Customized ozonizers for smaller applications have been designed  in pharmaceuticals, laundry, plastic and rubber, electronic components, water treatment, leather industries.
Ozone for HVAC system is a cost effective system designed by us for implementation in centrally air conditioned units, principally aimed at savings in power consumption, dissolving toxins due to industrial pollution as well as sterilization and deodorization.

Last bust not the least, the leader has to be the teacher!

So, our website https://www.OzonePedia.com is globally recognized as an authentic knowledge base for learning many unknown aspects of Ozone and its benefits in human life.

Our standard popular products for:

Medical application:

  • ZEON Medical : Entry level Ozonizers for patient treatment in medical clinics.
  • NISAP 0703: Analog type therapeutic instrument.
  • 0019 GW P: Powerful ozone therapy unit, analog type, capable of working both with air & Oxygen.
  • 0023 GW P: World’s only critical and reliable Ozone discolysis equipment with delicate digital Display.

Commercial application:

Enclose series: Unique blower type ozone/ion enricher for complete aerial sterilization, deodorization and increasing active oxygen content in air, strictly keeping within OSHA recommended ozone range.
Detox Series : Medium-scale Industrial processing
Witherpro Series : The zenith of global Industrial Innovation

Domestic application:

Zeon : India’s only fully ozone based domestic appliance for multiple uses at home!

Fully mechanical food washers, which does not require any permanent civil construction at home.

You can contact us at info@ozonepedia.com / office@teamwaterhouse.com, if you wish to be a dealer of our product in any country, or want to buy our electronic components on a large scale.