The product which the world needs everywhere. ENCLOSE 250 is that revolutionary contribution from TEAM WATERHOUSE to the World, which has the potential to cover numerous fields & industries, where Ozone can create a better life for our loved ones. Some of the extraordinary uses of ENCLOSE 250 are for Air sterilisation, smoke suppression, odour removal, bacteria killing, infection control, prevention of cross-contamination, and at least a hundred others.

Application Areas

Hospitals : OT / ICU / ICCU / NICU / ITU / Wards / Toilets

Hotels : Garbage Room, House-keeping / Banquet / Butchery / Kitchen / Food storage / Bars / Restaurants / Washrooms

Food malls : Dry grain stores / Dry fruit stores / Green food store / Non-veg counter / confectioneries / Outlets / Lobby

Food Processing : Raw food store / Processing area / Finished product store

Leather : Raw hyde store / Processed hyde store / Processing area / Finished product store

Hatchery : Egg sterilising / Infection control / Meat sterilization / storage / Processing

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing : Tablet coating area / Life saving drug manufacturing area / General sterilisation

Technical Principles

Dry electrolysis Input : 220 V, 50 Hz Power supply ,
Power Consumption : 50 Watts, continuous rating Blower type design Good for 150 to 250 sq. ft. for each Size: 5″ x 6″ x 11″ , Approximately Weight : below 10 Kg, Portable, comes with installation kit Perfectly matched with the tropical climates Widely admired and recommended by users IDEAL for AERIAL STERILISATION & DEODORISATION, INCREASING OXYGEN PERCENTAGE.

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