Ozone is the strongest oxidiser known to science. As an allotrope of natural oxygen, it contains only oxygen atom in its structure. It is unstable and after a short while it gets converted to pure aerial oxygen only leaving no toxic by products. With this excellent property, it is also known to be more than 3000 times stronger as a disinfectant than chlorine!


Ozone protects us naturally from the harmful extra terresrial rays by shielding the earth by staying at a few hundred miles above the ground. It can be artificially manufactured with aerial oxygen. It is considered to be harmful for the living beings if inhaled at a high concentration. But interestingly, it does all its extra ordinary jobs of disinfection, deodorization, decolorization or express oxidation safely staying within the permissible limits.


When used in liquid media, there is no alarming limits set. But after doing its job there, it should not come out at alarming level in the air.

Efficiency of ozone depends on its concentration. And concentration heavily depend on temperature and humidity. These are the critical technical aspects which are meticulously calculated while designing a successful and beneficial ozone generator.


Team Waterhouse has been in this research since the end of Nineties and possibly one of the very few companies to find success using aerial oxygen as feed gas. For critical applications, we use our specially made heavy duty oxygen plants or driers using state of the art ZMS media driven by microprocessors.


Products made according to specific application apart from the standard models created both for applications in air or dissolving in liquid.


Uses found in Waste water reuse, Food grains fumigation, Oil recovery etc, apart from Cooling towers, Swimming pools, Centralized AC, Aquaculture, Butchery / Hatchery, Chemical processing / manufacture etc.