Team Waterhouse is traditionally known for its fundamental contributions in many related fields of engineering in the past.

Way back in late eighties, it developed the instant disinfection of water using oligo dynamic properties of ionic silver

In early nineties, it developed innovative use of hypochlorite in municipal water supplies

In late nineties they were the pioneer in developing the hydraulic balancing systems of swimming pools under the guidance of FINA of Switzerland
Enclose 250 has been extensively tried at many typical environment for years and subsequently improved according to users’ feedback. The applicability as well as price have been favorably appreciated in India and abroad.

Apart from aerial sterilization and deodorization (at even toughest areas like hospital mortuaries), it is also very effective for smoke or fume suppression and for increasing oxygen percentage in closed areas by dissolving the volatile organic compounds.

It has become possible due to the extra ordinary properties of Ozone and the back breaking research by our qualified engineers and scientists to develop ozone generators using indigenous components and matching with the difficult tropical challenge. We have summarily established that even remaining strictly within the recommended limits of free ozone in environment, the required sterilization and deodorization can be achieved.

Today, Team Waterhouse’s products are exported to as many as sixty nine countries across the globe, making us a global giant in the Ozone Industry.