Power Savings in HVACs

Team Waterhouse, Ozonepedia





The entire Dubai International Airport has fully Ozonated HVAC systems, whereby they are saving millions of dollars in power consumption & also improving the Indoor Air Quality by killing harmful VOCs, infections and even increasing the Oxygen percentage in air.

  • Huge Power savings
  • Superior Indoor Air Quality
  • Increased percentage of aerial oxygen
  • Denaturing of Toxic gases due to industrialization
  • Prevents Cross-Infection between inmates
  • Destroys Aerial bacteria, virus, mould, fungi, etc
  • Absolute Deodorization - destroys all foul odour
  • Excellent Smoke-suppressor
The Solution

Bio-Oxygen, when produced on site, it automatically gets converted to natural oxygen only after its small life period without leaving any toxic by-products. Ozone being the strongest oxidant & disinfectant gifted by Mother Nature, the magic of this natural element is that it is also the most effective deodorizer on our planet. The secret of its versatile functionalities is quite simple - its extra oxygen atom oxidizes the hydro-carbons / R-H radicals by breaking their chemical bonds in a natural process, hence nullifying their properties & destroying the bacterial cells, odour creating compounds & harmful Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

On top of these, they increase the oxygen percentage in a closed atmosphere where oxygen level is bound to decrease for continuous respiration by the inmates. That helps bring in healthier oxygenated respiration, quality of work and life.

Here again, the residual Ozone concentration of the Bio-Oxygen is so much lower than the OSHA USA prescribed value, that its almost negligible.

You shall not have to open the "fresh-air" suction louvers at all, since the Bio-Oxygenated air invite
outside polluted air to dilute inside VOC, and thereby spend huge amount on electricity consumed regularly to cool down the outer air through the louvers carrying extra temperature!
Moreover, it prevents biomass formation inside the duct. For this reason, the duct is also saved from corrosion. You save the amount regularly spent on cleaning and maintenance of ducts too!

Return to Investment

For 25,000 CFM (62.5 Ton) AHU, commercial savings per year is calculated to be USD 18,150. In a standard skyscraper having at least 100 of these AHUs, the yearly savings is therefore USD 1,815,000 (1.8 million dollars).