Aerial sterilization is essential at hospitals, food processing, leather, hatchery or pharma factories and similar infrastructures to prevent infections, cross contaminations, mold attack and so on.

Traditionally many processes have been successfully applied at different places.

Most of them impart some unwanted toxic byproducts or not summarily effective for the purpose.

Ozone, if supplied in a steady flow and with a relatively stable composition, can absolutely sterilize the space without leaving any harmful chemicals. Moreover ozone quickly gets converted to aerial oxygen after doing its job.

ENCLOSE 250 has been developed after closely scrutinizing the defects of the foreign made products in our tropical climate and also successfully replaced the traditional logic of ozone production using outdated electronic components. For the last TEN years, these have been tested at various conditions at food processing, hospitals, hotels, and many industries for aerial sterilization with hearty admiration by the users. People have felt the differences qualitatively in terms of control of bio load (aerial microorganism load) at places where infection matters. Today it is established as the essential tool for aerial sterilization and other purposes like deodorization and oxygen enrichment in closed environment.

At this age of intense discussions about Indoor Air Quality at any closed environment, this product indeed occupies much of the debate.

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