WITHERPRO 7 has been an extremely rewarding product for a wide range of industries all over the globe. A product which comes in multiple output capacities, it is perfectly suited for its numerous application areas. WITHERPRO has been setting a trend in the Ozone industry for ground-breaking applications in unknown industrial uses. The future of industrial production processing is here!


Application Areas

Indoor : Sterilisation, Deodorisation, Oxygen enrichment in a certain zone

Textile : Sterilizes and deodorizes clothes, textile bleaching, cotton/denim whitening

Paper : Paper bleaching

Large Industrial Processes : Food washing, Water/Waste Water/ Sewage Water treatment, Air Sterilization in large Central Air Conditioning (HVAC) Systems

Tea Industry : Tea Fermentation process

Technical Principles

Input : 220 V Single phase,
Power :  400 Watts onward, Pipeline distribution, Recommended uses in Air or water,
Weight :  15 Kg onward, Not Portable, Widely admired for – Sterilisation, Deodorisation, Increasing oxygen percentage, Food Washing, Water / Waste water treatment, Central Air Conditioning, Cloth / paper bleaching, Large Industrial processes.

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