ZEON 100

About ZEON 100

ZEON 100 is a truly ‘Multi Function’ THERAPY Ozoniser. With wide range of uses, this special product from the esteemed house of TEAM WATERHOUSE comes with a lot of surprises & thrill to every customer for daily domestic and industrial needs. Tested & recommended by doctors worldwide. Appreciated by industries globally. Welcome to the ZEON life!

ZEON 100

Application Areas

Domestic :  Vegetable sterilizing – Removal of steroids/pesticides/fertilizers/antibiotics, Deodorisation, Dissolve Volatile Organic Compounds in polluted urban air, Increase oxygen percentage inside room (Oxygen Enricher)

Chemical :  Artificial Colour removal, Gets rid of toxins

Textile : Sterilizes and deodorizes clothes, textile bleaching, cotton/denim whitening

Healthcare :  Particularly useful for curing bad breath and oral / dental infections, Ideal to treat dandruff, Good for pedicure and manicure

Technical Principles

Input : 220 V Single phase,
Power :  70 Watts, Pipeline distribution, Recommended uses : Air or water,
Weight :  5 Kg, Portable, Thrilling customers globally for – Sterilisation, Deodorisation, Increasing, oxygen percentage, Food Washing, Drinking water, Mouth washing, Cloth bleaching, Therapeutic uses.

ZEON 100
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