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Enclose 250

The product which the world needs everywhere. ENCLOSE 250 is that revolutionary contribution from TEAM WATER HOUSE to the World, which has the potential to cover numerous fields & industries, where Bio-Oxygen can create a better life for our loved ones. Some of the extraordinary uses of ENCLOSE 250 are for Aerial sterilisation, smoke suppression, odour removal, bacteria killing, infection control, prevention of cross-contamination, and at least a hundred others.

Need of the hour

Technology references for killing CoronaVirus / SARS :

Health, Hygiene & Purity at Centre Stage

Our Bio-Oxygen generators (specially calculated combination of Activated Oxygen & negative ions) prevent cross-infection in patient-occupied areas, by killing the pathogenic microorganisms (be it bacteria, virus, fungus, protozoa, mould, etc) in the air before it reaches the Hospital staff or nearby patients.

The Infection killing capabilities are certified by international healthcare authorities (proven to absolutely destroy 10million units of highly contagious aerial Hospital infection to just 100 units in only 30 minutes), and additionally increases the available Oxygen percentage in the hospital air as well. The infections are killed instantaneously, even before it reaches another individual or deposits on any surface. Even if surface contamination is present, the Bio-Oxygen generators absolutely destroy them as well.

For Patient safety, the residual Ozone levels are precisely maintained at levels way under the OSHA, USA guidelines, while simultaneously showing the highest possible disinfection efficacy, which we are the only research organisation in the world to achieve. It's established in our test reports.

Regarding dust, the device is also throwing negative ions, which electrocutes the colloidal dust particles in the air, thereby affecting electrostatic precipitation. Our innovation has taken global medical experts by storm, because of its unmatched safety & efficacy.

Each device is kept at a height of at least 7 feet from the ground, wall-mounted, and calibrated to disinfect upto 225sq ft space, to maintain OSHA, USA guidelines. For bigger spaces, proportionately more number of devices are required (for even distribution of the sterilizing gas throughout the room).

Application Areas

Hospitals OT / ICU / ICCU / NICU / ITU / Wards / Toilets
Food Processsing Raw food store / Processing area / Finished product store
Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Tablet coating area / Life saving drug manufacturing area / General sterilisation
Hotels Garbage Room, House-keeping / Banquet / Butchery / Kitchen / Food storage / Bars / Restaurants / Washrooms
Food Malls Dry grain stores / Dry fruit stores / Green food store / Non-veg counter / confectioneries / Outlets / Lobby
Leather Raw hyde store / Processed hyde store / Processing area / Finished product store
Hatchery Egg sterilising / Infection control / Meat sterilization / storage / Processing

Technical Principles

Bio-Oxygen Output As per OSHA USA guidelines
Climate Compatibility Patented, Tropical Climate Compatible
Ox Potential 2.07 mV
Power Consumption 60 watts
Electrical 220V, 50HZ, single phase
RF Interference Null
Area covered per set 225 Ft2
Noise < 43 dB
Weight 5 KG
Dimensions 11inch x 6inch x 5inch

You can contact us at office@teamwaterhouse.com, if you wish to be a channel partner in any country, or want to buy our electronic components on a large scale

Other web address : oxyzonetherapy.com