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Witherpro 7


Witherpro 7

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Witherpro 7


From the Leading Ozone Generator Manufacturers in India, the WITHERPRO 7 range of sophisticated Industrial Ozone Generators have been extremely rewarding for a wide range of industries all over the globe. An Ozone Generator which comes in multiple output capacities, it is perfectly suited for its numerous application areas. WITHERPRO Ozone Generators have been setting a trend in the Ozone industry for ground-breaking applications in unknown industrial uses.
We are the Pioneers in introducing IGBT technology and UV absorption spectrophotometry (using Beer – Lambert Law) in India.
Also the leading ozone generator manufacturer for several top brands in India and abroad. Manufactured with the 4th Generation Latest Electronics & IGBT technology, we can well & truly say, that WITHERPRO7 Industrial Ozone Generators are from the future of industrial sophistication!

Application Areas

Water Treatment Ozone Generators for RO Plants, 📥 Aquaculture / Fish Farming , 📥 Swimming Pools, Municipal water supply, Industrial process water, 📥 Cooling towers , Industrial Food washing, etc
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Wastewater Treatment Ozone Generators for Sewage treatment plants, effluent treatment plants, etc
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Textile Ozone Generators for Chemical-free textile bleaching, cotton/denim whitening
Paper Ozone Generators for Paper bleaching - Oxygen Delignification, which offers significant operating cost advantages & effluent quality, over normal delignification processes which use bleaching agents such as chlorine dioxide and hydrogen peroxide
Large Industrial Process 📥 Ozone Generators for Food washing, 📥 Water/Waste Water/ Sewage Water treatment, etc
Tea Industry Ozone Generators for Tea Industry - Super-Oxidation of tea leaves, enhancing strength of liquor
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Grain Cleaning Ozone Generators for Agriculture - Grain fumigation - disinfection, drying of grains and reduction of loss due to wastage

Technical Principles

Ozone Application Both in Air & Water
Ozone Distribution Pipeline Distribution
Cooling Water-cooled & Air-cooled, as required
Inverter IGBT Based, High Frequency Resonant Inverter
Feed Gas Both Air and Oxygen, as required
Power Consumption Starts from 440 watts
Electrical 220V, 50HZ, single phase
RF Interferance Null
Weight Starts from 40 KG

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