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Zeon 100


Zeon 100

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A Patented technology, Bioxy Plasma produced by ZEON is the World's ONLY domestic Healthcare technology to increase Oxygen levels in the Air, Kill Infections, Reduce Dust particles & destroy Toxic Gases - all from a single device!
This makes it a must-have instrument for COPD patients, Asthma patients, Lung-Infected individuals, Pneumonia patients - & also for any homes having senior citizens.
Bioxy Plasma is a calculated mixture of Oxygen Plasma, Allotropic Oxygen Clusters (AOC) & Electrons.
Bioxy Plasma attacks the infections floating in the air via aerosols or particulate matter and decomposes itself & the infections to non-toxic molecular Oxygen. This increases the Oxygen percentage in the airgiving us an Oxygen-enriched & Infection-free air.
Awarded by International Health Authorities, this Patented technology is completely electronic – thereby NO refilling or maintenance required. At NO recurring expenditures for Lifetime, other than only 25watts of power consumption (less than your ceiling fan!), ZEON100 increases Oxygen Percentage in the air upto 3.011% in ideal conditions to give our loved ones upto 482 litres of extra Oxygen daily, per head, to breathe.

  • Breathe upto 482 litres of extra NECESSARY Oxygen from the air, per day, per head
  • Gradually Reduce the dependency on Oxygen life-support systems like Oxygen concentrators or Inhalers.
  • Kill Aerial / Aerosol contamination of ALL pathogens (Virus, Bacteria, protozoa, fungi, mould, etc). Protect your Lungs from all Infections.
  • Prevent Cross-infection between loved ones - certified by International Governments, latest by Govt. of SA - for killing 10 MILLION (1 CRORE) units of Contagious infection to only 100 units under 30 minutes.
  • Rapid Precipitation of Colloidal Dust particles, (which may also carry infections) onto the floor - thereby enabling patients to breathe particle-free air at homes and comforting their Lungs.
  • Oxygen Enricher (increases the percentage of aerial Oxygen for breathing oxygenated air)
  • Oxidizes & purifies human blood, supplies more Oxygen to our brain cells
  • One that dissolves harmful gases, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) – which are main reasons for aerial toxicity due to industrialization
  • Reduction of pollutant gases arising from industrialization - like NO2, SO2, CO2, CO, etc – ensures that any kind of industrial hazardous gases shall not enter into the lungs via breathing.
  • Availability of Dual-Powered machines - which work on both kinds of supply voltage - AC / DC (Can also be used in cars, under 12V DC).
  • Precisely calibrated under OSHA USA Guidelines
  • consumes nominal power, small and portable, noiseless

Need of the hour

The deadly CoronaVirus / SARS Cov-2 is AIRBORNE:

Difference between Normal Air Purifiers & Bioxy Plasma Health systems

Reduces Dust particles or infections of ONLY the small volume of air in the close vicinity of the filter Reduces Dust Particles of the ENTIRE volume of Air in a Room, since Bio-Oxygen is blown equally all throughout the space
LIMITED Capture of dust and Infections, due to difference between molecular size of different infections & the pores of Hepa filter. ABSOLUTE destruction of Infections (10Million units of Infections killed completely in 30 minutes!)
Infections are CAPTURED, NOT KILLED. Infections are KILLED. MOLECULAR STRUCTURE of Infections are ruptured.
Hepa filters' presence ensures Infections are circulated inside the room - neither they can go out of the room, nor they are killed. Since Infections are killed, they cannot cross-infect people sitting close to each other.
CANNOT Destroy Toxic Gases arising from Industrialization - like SO2, NO2, CO, CO2, VOCs, etc. DESTROYS Toxic Gases like SO2, NO2, CO, CO2, VOCs, etc - with highest efficacy possible.
CANNOT increase OXYGEN Percentage INCREASES OXYGEN levels in Indoor air - allows EVERYONE inside the room to breathe upto 482 litres of EXTRA NECESSARY OXYGEN to breathe, per head, per day.
CANNOT reduce Bad Odours COMPLETELY NULLIFIES all Bad Odours
CANNOT reduce Smoke (kitchen smoke, cigarette smoke, etc EXCELLENT Smoke Suppressor.
NO MEANS OF VERIFICATION without opening the filter, to check if at all the filter is capturing at least some dust particles or no CONTINUOUS VERIFICATION methods - without opening the device, both by its essence / aura & OxySense Paper.
RECURRING COSTS - need to frequently change filters NO RECURRING COSTS. Only 25 Watts electric power consumption, just like a mini bulb!
Back-Dated Innovation Used by 1st World countries
NO BENEFITS for MENTAL HEALTH - like stress, concentration, etc Reduces Stress, enhances concentration, helps in organ-development in kids
ZERO HEALTH BENEFITS Adding to all above Health benefits, ZEON is extremely efficient in Sleep-improvement.
Application Areas

Zeon is used for Homes & Residential properties, to enrich the air with Oxygen & protect people from getting infected. For the most effective infection killing, each device is designed to be used for each room of upto 150 square feet surface area (both aerial & surface de-contamination) - obviously all in the presence of people (the device for public spaces & hospitals is different - Enclose250). For larger areas, proportionately more number of devices are required, to maintain equal disinfection level throughout the areas.

Variants of Zeon :
  1. 220V AC & 110V AC – for Homes
  2. 12V DC – for Cars & Ambulances
  3. Dual-Powered (works on both AC & DC) – for both Residences & Cars

Zeon Domestic

For Homes & Public Spaces
Current Price ₹28,672
Power : 220v AC

EMI options available, starting from only INR 813 per month! For No-Cost EMI, select the Coupon "EMI Bonanza"!!

Free Delivery inside India.

Zeon Car

For Cars & Ambulances
Current Price ₹28,672
Power : 12v DC

EMI options available, starting from only INR 813 per month ! For No-Cost EMI, select the Coupon "EMI Bonanza"!!

Free Delivery inside India.

Zeon Dual

For all above possible Usages
Current Price ₹42,515
Power : 220v AC / 12v DC

EMI options available, starting from only INR 1214 per month! For No-Cost EMI, select the Coupon "EMI Bonanza"!!

Free Delivery inside India.

You can contact us at office@teamwaterhouse.com, if you wish to be a channel partner in any country, or want to buy our electronic components on a large scale

Other web address : oxyzonetherapy.com

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