Zeon100 Anti-Corona virus edition

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The Covid-19 infection


Zeon 100


Zeon 100

The CoronaVirus is spreading fast and taking lives. Aerial de-contamination of the virus is of utmost importance, since studies have proven that the CoronaVirus travels in air, stays in air for hours & then deposits on surfaces and stays on surfaces. If a calculated Ozonized environment is created & the infection is killed instantaneously whenever an infected person throws it in the air, then a major part of the problem is solved. After that, pre-existing virus cells on surfaces are also destroyed in Bio-Oxygen / Ozone exposure. Hence it takes total care of the problem from all aspects.

Need of the hour

Technology references for killing CoronaVirus / SARS :

Welcome to the Zeon life

After being tested by international governments for removing Cross-Infection, Team Waterhouse has launched the Anti-Corona edition of ZEON worldwide. This Bio-Oxygen generator, producing a calculated mixture of Ozone, Active Oxygen & Oxygen Anions, is portable, so that you can use it anywhere inside your homes or even cars.

  • A device capable of killing poison, not just filtering dust
  • Kill aerial contamination of pathogens (CoronaVirus, other bacteria, protozoa, fungi, etc)
  • Prevent Cross-infection between inmates
  • Wash your hands with Ozonated water
  • Disinfect your clothes, by washing them with Ozone-dissolved water.
  • Oxygen enricher (increases the percentage of aerial Oxygen for breathing oxygenated air)
  • Oxidizes & purifies human blood, supplies more Oxygen to our brain cells
  • One that dissolves harmful gases, VOC – which are main reasons for aerial toxicity due to industrialization
  • Sediments particulate matter arising from industrialization
  • Works on both kinds of supply voltage - AC / DC (Can be used in cars, under 12V DC).
  • Precisely calibrated under OSHA USA Guidelines
  • consumes nominal power, small and portable, noiseless

Other uses

Domestic Applications
  1. Vegetable washing, fruit washing
  2. Meat / Fish Sterilization
  3. Drinking Ozonated water (all packaged drinking water bottles are Ozonized)
  4. Surface De-contamination of the virus in rooms using rich Ozonated water
  5. Infection-free clothes by ozonated laundry
  6. Aerial Disinfection of pathogens (including Covid-19)
  7. Reduce iron level of municipal water that we drink at home
  8. Sterilizing Utensils - make them germless and odour-free
  9. Remove bad odour at home (pets rooms, washrooms, garbage area, etc)
  10. Smoke suppression at Kitchens
  11. Dissolve VOC of polluted Urban air
  12. Increase percentage of aerial Oxygen in rooms for Oxygen-enriched breathing
  1. Ozonated textile washing yields totally infection-free and odour-free clothes
  1. De-Toxify your car
  2. Get rid of foul odours
  3. Increase freshness
  4. Increase Oxygen percentage inside, for a safer drive without dizziness
  5. Rejuvenated driving experience
Personal Care
  1. Treating Dandruff
  2. Pedicure (removing germs & infections from toes / soles, cure cracked heels and remove dirt from nails)
  3. Manicure (cleansing of nails)
Medical Applications
  1. Curing dental problems (gum infections, cavity problems, bad breath, etc)
  2. Cure oral ulcers by gargling with rich Ozonated water
  3. Cure bruised fingers by dipping them in rich Ozonated water
  4. Cure burns / wounds by gentle application of rich Ozonated water on them

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