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RO Plants

For RO Plants, we have been working with the top Packaged Drinking water brands over the last 2 decades.

RO PLANT OZONATORS - for Ozonation of Product water
MEASURED Ozone Generators for Packaged Drinking Water Treatment (Enhancing DO levels & achieving safest quality standards) :

  • Enables companies to Build their BRAND Name - by offering Oxygen-enriched water having higher DO levels (Dissolved Oxygen)
  • Provide CLASSY water - Increased DO levels enhance taste of water, and thereby customers can recognize your higher quality
  • Enables companies to stay Levels above the competitors
  • Nullify ALL kinds of Infections
  • Measurement Proof of Ozone Output, to prove your Superiority to your Customers & Distributors
  • Absolute removal of Iron, Arsenic, Infections and toxicities
  • Recurring costs of chemical dosage is nullified

For Ozonation of Groundwater
How RO Membranes are harmed by Iron, Manganese in groundwater :

Benefits of Groundwater Ozonation (as practised by top brands) :

  1. Low Iron, Manganese, etc in raw water ensures much better quality (rather top-most quality) of RO water produced at outlet - even over-satisfying industry norms
  2. Higher life of RO membranes - due to reduced load of toxicity entering into the membranes on a continuous basis
  3. Lowest need to regeneration of membranes
  4. Membrane changing frequency is reduced grossly
  5. Nullify any additional chlorination needs - as Ozone is already 3,157 times stronger as an oxidant and disinfectant than chlorine
  6. Enhance efficacy of your RO system
  7. Forget using anti-scalants, as low iron levels doesn't allow scaling in membranes
  8. Maintain high output of RO flow-rate, as obstructions caused by Fe, Mn inside membranes are negated by Ozonation
  9. Save operational costs for a long-term basis, along with enjoying high efficacy of treatment plant and water quality
  10. Stay much ahead of your competitors

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