E-Coli Disinfection

Team Waterhouse, Ozonepedia

E-Coli Disinfection

Ozone is 3,157 times stronger as a disinfectant and oxidant than Chlorine!
Hence controlling contamination in water has always been one of the easiest capabilities of Ozone.

For controlling high E-Coli contamination, there's absolutely no alternative than Ozone.

From 1893 (not 1983!), the city of Madrid, Spain has been using Ozone in their municipal water supply to control contamination.

Nowadays, nearly ALL countries have made it mandatory for packaged drinking water companies to Ozonate their product water before selling into the market to consumers. This directly proves the serious safety net that Ozone provides.

In wastewater treatment plants like Effluent, Sewage or Leachate, etc, disinfection of extremely high E-Coli is done by two-stage Ozonation to completely nullify the contamination. The first stage of Ozonation is done at the inlet stage, and the second stage is done at the outlet stage.

In cooling towers, there's absolutely no disinfection chemical required to control E-coli, if Ozonation is done. This saves huge recurring costs on a daily basis.

For project implementations, provide us the test report of the E-Coli level in water, and the flow-rate of water of the plant..

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