Food Washing

Team Waterhouse, Ozonepedia

Food Washing

We have been the pioneers of Ozonated Food Washing application for the Indian Army.

OZONE-BASED FOOD WASHING - Technical Background :

  1. The green foods or fruits we bring from the market or being supplied by agricultural vendors, essentially contain a lot of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.
    FDA of USA says that no chemicals are capable of denaturing these toxic remnants of agricultural additives EXCEPT OZONE. We have therefore, devised a method for
    richly ozonising these vegetables and providing them just the adequate time for denaturing the toxic effects summarily. We have tried different designs at different
    places, watched the difficulties and subsequently improved the system to be come India's most popular Food Washing Ozone System Design.
  2. While denaturing the effects of pesticides, it simultaneously kills all the surface bacteria, thus preventing the contamination to spread. Ozone falls under GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe),
    as announced by FDA and WHO) for applications on food materials.
    Since veggies are hygroscopic, the ozone also kills the internal infections and toxicity, which is why FDA USA recommends the use of the technology since so many years.
  3. The concentration of ozone and time of exposure are critically controlled / executed. The signal generator and sensor for ozone are calibrated with most up to date technology and the
    total hydraulic balancing is impeccably calculated for the particular purpose of FOOD HANDLING.
  4. There are semi automatic and automatic designs according to the capacity of ozone wash needed at a particular supply depot. Moreover, the tanks are essentially coated with certified
    food grade epoxy resins to make it compatible with Ozone. Normal Stainless Steel is incompatible with Ozone (see web), so we provide food-grade Ozone compatible Stainless Steel in upgraded versions.


Potato washing with Ozone - Indian Army :
At Shillong Supply Depot, Indian Army :
At Kolkata Supply Depot, Indian Army #1 :
At Kolkata Supply Depot, Indian Army #2 :
At Kolkata Supply Depot, Indian Army #3 :
At Kolkata Supply Depot, Indian Army #4 :
At Namkum Supply Depot, Indian Army :
Shower-type Ozonated washing :
At Sri Ganganagar Supply Depot, Indian Army :
Dry Grain Fumigation with Ozone #1 :
Dry Grain Fumigation with Ozone #2 :
Roller Conveyor for Ozonated washing #1 :
Roller Conveyor for Ozonated washing #2 :
SS Roller Conveyor for Ozonated washing :
Certificate from the Indian Army :