Ozonated ETP & STP

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SAVE HUGE COSTS in making Effluent & Sewage treatment plants.


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Special Benefits of Ozonization in Raw Wastewater

a. Reduction of Plant size & space requirement of ETP (Effluent treatment plants) & STP (Sewage Treatment Plants) - Saving HUGE capital costs. This is because the water is largely improved at the initial stage, along with drastic reduction of BOD & COD at inlet stage, hence the plant requirements are reduced hugely. There are some nominal prerequisites of correcting some parameters like pH, temperature, etc before Ozonation, depending upon the kind of wastewater.
b. Reduction of MBBR sizes in Wastewater treatment plants - Saving HUGE capital costs & space requirements too. This is because the BOD Loading Rate is greatly reduced due to low levels of BOD obtained by Ozonization at inlet stage.
c. MBBR / SBR can be totally nullified for Sewage Treatment Plants (STP)
d.High Dissolved Oxygen levels (Reduced aeration / blower requirement)
e. No toxic residue created or left
f. Alkaline pH maintained
g. E-Coli reduction
... and many more.

Benefits of OZONE in Post-treated WasteWater Treatment

  • Removal of COD
  • Removal of BOD
  • De-Odorization
  • De-Colorisation
  • Complete Disinfection
  • Re-Use the water for other activities
  • No requirement of chemical usage - no recurring costs, manpower costs or chemical storage / handling expenses.
  • No toxic residue created or left

For project implementations, we need the following technical information

  1. Exact application - Water Treatment Plant / Sewage Treatment Plant / Effluent Treatment Plant, Swimming Pools, Aquaculture, Agriculture, RO Plants, etc
  2. Flow-rate of water (capacity of water / wastewater treatment plant, like in m3/hr or KLD, MLD, etc)
  3. Raw Effluent BOD / COD levels, in ppm - for drastic reduction of BOD/COD at initial stage, to reduce capital cost of the ETP
  4. Post-Treated BOD / COD levels of both ETP & STPs, in ppm, - for excess BOD, COD destruction, de-colorizing, de-odorizing the water and re-use it
  5. CFM capacity of STP Exhaust blower - for exhaust de-odorization

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