STP Exhaust De-Odorization

Team Waterhouse, Ozonepedia

STP Exhaust De-Odorization

In Wastewater Treatment Plants, foul odour of exhaust air has been an ever-existent problem for the people working / living in the vicinity.
This problem is completely solved by Ozonation in a proper methodology and calculation.

Team Waterhouse has been installing Ozone-based de-odorization systems for wastewater exhaust air via the exhaust air ducts made at the plants to throw out the toxic air out of the plant. After Ozonation, since the entire odour is nullified and toxicities are removed as well, this exhaust air fully complies with the pollution board norms. Importantly, there's no more problems or objections from the people living nearby the plant location!

For project implementations, let us know the CFM capacity of the exhaust blower, or the aeration capacity of the existing bio-reactors.

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